Safety Plan Guidance


For safety and privacy please make sure your device is password or pin protected at all times.


A safety plan can play a vital role in keeping you safe when you're feeling distressed or suicidal. Your Safety Plan is designed to support you, help you deal with difficult feelings and emotions, and to help you to reach out to others in times of crisis and when you’re having thoughts of suicide.


You may find it helpful to work with a professional who can support you to fill out the safety plan. Or you may prefer to complete your safety plan with your partner, friend, family member, or on your own.


Work through the sections, starting with “Warning Signs” and for each section, enter your own personalised response. Everybody is different in terms of the things that they find helpful, so your safety plan will be unique to you and it may only make sense to you – that’s ok.


For each section we have included some examples in each text box to help you think about your answers.


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