You Can Help

If you suspect someone may be feeling suicidal, ask them – it could save their life. Talking about suicide does not put people at risk or give them the idea. It can be a relief to be asked about suicide and shows the person that you care.

How to Ask

Be direct and clear, such as “Are you thinking about suicide?” or “Do you feel suicidal?”

Do not use euphemisms like, “You’re not thinking of doing something silly?”

Do not delay in asking.

Listen to the Person

Listen without judgement to how the person is feeling. Listening to a person will help them to release their emotions and talk through their issues. Do not dismiss what they are feeling. Show the person you care about them. Do not try to solve the person’s problems.

Encourage the Person to Get Help

Many people experience suicidal thoughts at different points in their life, and for a range of reasons, and do not go on to die by suicide. External help and support can help in these situations.

It is important that support is given at the earliest possible opportunity. There are people from a wide range of agencies and groups who can help.

  • Encourage the person to make an appointment with their GP.
  • They could call Breathing Space or Samaritans.
  • If the person has immediate suicide plans, and the means to carry it out, call 999.
  • Remember to also keep yourself safe.


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